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Delivering powerful programs to meet community needs


KeeSpirit Services:

KeeSpirit is a multi-layered hub that works with communities to develop and enrich the lives of their residents.  KeeSpirit offers services that INSPIRE and IMPACT.  Consider connecting with our services.

"PRAISE", KeeSpirit's nationwide artistic enrichment program which is a true 'PRAISE Experience'.  Since 2000, PRAISE has brought together over 1000+ individuals from within the Washington, DC, Maryland, Norther Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Chicago, New Jersey, Virginia Tidewater, Virgin Islands and Anchorage, Alaska regions in a power packed event of movement arts.  Each year it serves as a highlight for many groups to express their talents through movement, business networking, community service for youth and much more.  Through PRAISE we offer advertising and vending opportunities.  Consider sharing your gift and joining our network; click on the above 'PRAISE' picture to gain more information.

Open Windows mission is to equip and invest into the next generation of leaders in the areas of technology, entrepreneurial development and artistic awareness.  Thus far we have held several movement infused classes and discussion panels.  Continue to connect with us as we develop our other components.  Click on the 'Open Windows' picture (found above) to learn more about what we offer.

Church Services/Outreach Activities:


Within KeeSpirit-PRAISE we have an outreach ministry component, entitled “PRAISE BREAK”.  PRAISE BREAK is comprised of youth and adults with a wide age range.  This outreach ministry encompasses individuals from various churches and community organizations.  PRAISE BREAK provides a great opportunity for lifetime friendships to develop.  

If interested in requesting any of our PRAISE BREAK components (i.e. Adults, Youth, Combined), please send an email to:

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